We are really excited & proud of our friend Vanessa for opening her new Canmore Massage Clinic in the midst of a pandemic no less! Kevin and I got to have a sneak peek when we went into the new Back At It clinic on our own to photograph the new beautiful space. Vanessa has been my therapeutic massage therapist for years and she manages to keep me at my best ready to work despite being a wedding photographer who stands in all kinds of weird positions on uneven ground to get the shot followed up by an insane amount of hours at my desk editing.

Back At It started out as a therapeutic massage clinic but has since grown into offering all kinds of wellness options like sports massage, Prenatal massage, acupunture treatments, naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine.

I love that unlike a spa massage there is no cheesy panflute music, weird water sounds, and wimpy massages. Vanessa and her team work with Olympic atheletes, backcountry guides, hikers, outdoor enthusiaists and anyone else who needs their massage to allow them to get Back At It. See what she did there? ;) Back At It! 

 If you are looking for some awesome stocking stuffers Back At It has some great options on hand.


Hello my name is Kirstie and I am a wedding photographer who specializes in photographing weddings & elopements in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise & Emerald Lake. I’ve been photographing mountain weddings since 2004 and feel very lucky to call this place home. I live in Canmore with my husband Kevin and our 3 rescue dogs Mabel, Olive & Bandit.