I have thought about this incredible day a LOT in the past few days. I left feeling giddy. 

There was something magical about the way the day came full circle and bonded everyone together. Bryce and Andrea's proposal took place on the top of a sand dune in Mongolia at sunset. After Andrea said yes and the relief of the ring not being lost in the sand was assured a local family invited Bryce & Andrea into their home to celebrate. Inside their family ger Andrea and Bryce were gifted a blue silk hadag. They brought that blue silk hadag with them to be included in their wedding ceremony. Just as their outdoor ceremony was set to start a massive rainstorm rolled in dramatically and shattered the flowers and sent all the arriving guests for shelter inside the donut tent. As I looked at the photos of the Mongolian ger where they celebrated their engagement I couldn't help but think that the donut tent was the closest thing we could come to feeling somewhat like a ger (yurt) on their wedding day. It seemed perfectly fitting. As their loved ones gathered in a circle to witness Andrea & Bryce share their vows the sound of the rain on the tent sounded amazing and the ceremony felt cozy. It was the perfect bonding experience. 

Once they were pronounced husband and wife we were treated to a stunning afternoon for photos in the mountains. I knew that Bryce and Andrea would be up for anything and I was thrilled to visit a spot in Canmore I haven't yet been to with a couple on their wedding day. They hiked in over a dry creek bed and we took photos with the beautiful Three Sisters peeking out after the rain storm.

Guests gathered in a circle in the donut tent at The Canmore Ranch while the rain poured down outside. Once it seemed obvious that this rain storm was not going to pass quickly Joanne from Cornerstone Theatre and Barbara Parker their wedding officiant sprung into action and started gathering whatever was left of the outdoor arrangements and moved them inside to set up a pretty space for the couple.  Barbara Parker shared the story of their engagement in Mongolia and the hadag they were gifted was used during their ceremony.

Barbara Parker suggested that everyone walk in a circle before ending at the ceremony which was such a lovely way to feel the love of their guests as they passed them.

The blue silk hadag that was gifted to them in Mongolia in celebration of their engagement travelled with them to be included in their wedding ceremony.

Bryce and Andrea invited an incredible group of friends to stand up with them. They were all so present, fun and ready to help in any way. It was lovely to get to witness. One of the bridesmaids even performed part of their wedding ceremony and lent the bride her runners so she could hike with me for photos!

The sun came out and the mountains revealed themselves for photos with the newlyweds around Canmore. 

I was thrilled to get to photograph their wedding reception at Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore. I am amazed at the service and flawless flow of the night. There were no lulls and guests were given lots of time to mingle and dance with the newlyweds. Another nice feature of Cornerstone is that all of the guests stayed on the same block so they could literally walk home just steps away after the party ended in the early morning hours.

Andrea and Bryce love to spend date nights going Axe throwing. Andrea surprised Bryce with a custom Axe used to cut their cake which they can use on future Axe throwing nights out at home.

I was expecting some kind of high school shuffle for their first dance but Andrea and Bryce surprised and delighted all of us when they showed off their epic dance moves which included a perfectly executed dip and a LIFT!!! I was speechless and thrilled. 


Hello my name is Kirstie and I am a wedding photographer who specializes in photographing weddings & elopements in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise & Emerald Lake. I’ve been photographing mountain weddings since 2004 and feel very lucky to call this place home. I live in Canmore with my husband Kevin and our 2 rescue dogs Leroy & Mabel.