I think the greatest gift you can give one another on your wedding day are personal vows. Janessa and Bryant shared their beautiful vows in front of a perfectly still Emerald Lake and despite having written them separately I love that both of them included a quote from their 3 year old daughter. It was heartwarming and one of my favourite moments from our time with them.

The weather called for rain but Janessa wrote to tell me she was ready to embrace the weather and came prepared with wellies for walking on muddy trails. They made my photographer's dreams come true by inviting Kevin and I to hike around Emerald Lake with them for photos. It was an inspiring day in every way. Just as we returned to their cabin, hugged goodbye and tucked our camera equipment safely away it started to POUR rain. It was a crazy intense rain storm perfectly timed. I feel very grateful for the timing. 

Janessa and Bryant celebrated with a romantic dinner for two at The Post Hotel followed by a visit to Moraine Lake after the rain storm where they got to enjoy the lake blissfully quiet. A perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Bryant is a talented cook so his boutonniere that included rosemary was a perfect choice.

Janessa kept Bryant's wedding band a surprise and I loved how excited he was to see it. There was even a tiny emerald hidden on the inside of his band to represent their wedding ceremony at Emerald Lake...such a sweet detail.

I love when eloping couples put thought and care into the small details to personalize their day. One of those details for Janessa was the stunning silk ribbon that she brought with her to wrap around her bouquet. It was the perfect touch and created a sense of movement in the photos that I loved.

Janessa and Bryant envisioned spending their wedding day outside in the mountains together and they did just that. I've never had a couple who wanted to walk the trail around Emerald Lake on their wedding day and it could not of been a more beautiful way to spend their first hours as Mr & Mrs. They were cheered on by every passing hiker on the trail who were surprised to come across the newlyweds out in the woods.

Janessa and Bryant's wedding day was abundant with wildlife sightings and wildflowers blooming in the meadows and the woods. Janessa commented that she wished she could remember the smells from our hike and I completely agree. Everything felt so fresh and smelled amazing. It was the very best of the mountains.

Janessa navigated the muddy trails with grace and I was amazed at how clean she managed to keep her dress. Her Hunter boots were up for the task and exactly what was needed for our hike around Emerald Lake.


Hello my name is Kirstie and I am a wedding photographer who specializes in photographing weddings & elopements in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise & Emerald Lake. I’ve been photographing mountain weddings since 2004 and feel very lucky to call this place home. I live in Canmore with my husband Kevin and our 2 rescue dogs Leroy & Mabel.