One of my greatest joys in winter is looking at and caring for all my indoor plants. I love observing all the new growth in my condo jungle while a blizzard rages outside my window. This time of year the sun visits us more often and stays longer and it has sparked a new excitement for condo gardening. You'll find me laying out big black trash bags on our floors and digging in dirt replanting my favourite plants in new pots while the sun shines through our windows. 

It wasn't always this way for me. I never had any experience or memory of being interested in plants. I first fell in love with plants through the beauty of Kyle Chow's stunning terrarium creations at Plant. Kyle's friendly knowledgable approach made plants less intimidating and soon I started a small collection. I was a plant killer at first as I learned what plants worked and didn't work with the light in our condo. I figured as long as my plants lasted longer than a fresh cut bouquet of flowers it was worth the small investment. With Kyle and the amazing team at Plant's knowledge and encouragement more plants starting thriving than dying. And then slowly as I learned more about what plants did well with our light my indoor plant collection grew and brought me immense joy with every victory.  

This marble pothos is a perfect plant for a beginner. It is low maintenance, can handle lower light conditions and it's curled leaves will serve as a visual reminder when you forget to water it (oops!). With our low light room it is slow growing but every leaf it produces is like a work of art, no two are the same.

I love the Canadian made plant stands and hangers from Blue Caribou shown above. They are available to purchase in Calgary at Plant or online at Blue Caribou. Available in white, black or grey in various shapes and sizes.

I fell in love with the delicate String of Hearts and made the mistake of placing it in a low light room where it quickly withered away. This version 2.0 found a new home in a sunny patch and it has been thriving and quickly grown throughout this winter sending down long beautiful strings of heart shaped leaves.

This snakeplant has doubled it's height despite living in a low light corner. It's a handsome & hardy plant great for lower light homes and it's low maintenance care makes it an easy roomate. Snakeplants are also known to purify the air and create oxygen so they are perfect for living and bedrooms.

I have definitely had my heart broken over the picky String of Pearls. I've killed a few trying to figure out their needs. They love bright sun and are picky about watering. Water too little and they shrivel up....water too much and they instantly rot. They are the Goldie Locks of plants for me as I scramble to get the watering just right. When you do get it right they reward you with long cascading strands that resemble a String of Pearls (hence the apt name).

I clearly have a love for plants with heart shaped leaves. This Silver Pothos in particular is a stunning plant and low maintenance to boot. I can't seem to capture it on film but the Silver Pothos (or sometimes called a Satin Pothos) has a gorgeous silver metallic finish to it and has grown an impressive amount in a short amount of time. When I couldn't find another Silver Pothos to my collection Kyle suggested I tried to propagate one from a leaf and I am thrilled to report that my efforts have been successful. 

I have gotten into the habit of photographing a new plant when I first get it and then documenting it's progress along the way. It's really satisfying to get to see how far a plant has come. It's easy to forget how much it has grown because it happens so slowly so these visual reminders are always fun for me to look back on. I love the heart shape leaves on this philodendron. 

I love the variety of the heart shaped leaves on this Brasil Philodendron. They are like mini paintings. 

This crazy medusa like donkey tail or burros tail succulent really took off when I moved it to a hanging planter right next to the window so it gets lots of light. I've heard they can burn in light that is too direct but I haven't experienced that in my window. One lesson I learned is that the strands are incredibly fragile and it's super easy to disfigure them by simply brushing by one and having it's legs drop off. With that in mind it's not a plant you can re-pot later without damaging so pick your pot carefully. I bought this hanging planter at Plant in Inglewood but if you can't make it to Calgary to pick one up in person then you can order them online from the Canadian made Blue Caribou. It is beautifully made and comes in white, black and grey metal. Keep in mind that once a donkey tail matures it is a very heavy plant so pick your pot accordingly.

I purchased every plant, pot and plant stand shown here from Plant in Calgary. If you are feeling the winter blues I highly recommend heading to Plant for a visual vacation and bring home something green.

Thank you to Kyle and the amazing team at Plant for the inspiration, knowledge, encouragement, and for commiserating with me when my favourite plant dies and suggesting a replacement plant I can buy that will succeed in thriving.


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