Kirstie was, without a doubt, the BEST investment that we made for our wedding. The pictures that she took of our wedding day have quickly become some of our most prized possessions. Her ability to capture moments and genuine emotion is uncanny. When we look through the photos, we are transported back to one of the happiest days of our lives and get to relive it all again and again. It's truly the best gift that anyone could ever give. Throughout the day, she played the role of photographer, of wedding planner, of personal coach, and of supportive friend - transitioning seamlessly from one to the other and sometimes playing them all at once! Overall, our experience with Kirstie was outstanding. She is a world class photographer and we could not recommend her anymore highly.”

Sarah & Scott

“From the moment we came across Kirstie's website, we fell in love with her style and her work and knew she would be perfect to capture our wedding how we envisioned.

Both Kirstie and Kevin were such a joyful and calming presence on our day, not to mention their great sense of humour!

They both put us at ease and our couple session with them was one of the most fun and memorable parts of the day. We cannot thank them enough and our photos are everything we hoped and more, and will be forever cherished.”

“We selected Kirstie as our photographer before we selected our venue. I've been following her for years and while other photographers employ trendy tactics (over-exposure, lens flares, and serious faces that look nothing like wedding joy), Kirstie is incredible at capturing the candid moments of pure joy in a timeless way. You always see the faces and the emotion first in her pictures...and since she shoots only in the mountains, I knew that no matter what the rocky mountain weather decided to do, she would come through on beautiful, joy-filled shots that we would love.

Kirstie (and her wonderful husband/assistant Kevin) delivered times a thousand. Our photos are just full of joy and love, and sum up our day beautifully. And the moments she captured...hugging my dad after the ceremony, dancing with my Grandpa, are memories that are only going to get sweeter with time.”

Emily & Ross

“We would like to thank you for being our photographer. From the moment we met you we knew we were in good hands. Really, how could we not trust a person wearing a bright orange sweater with a big pink heart on it!

You have a calm and inviting presence to you that made us feel as if we were old friends.

You went above and beyond capturing all the perfect shots. When we look at our photos we feel as if we are right back at our wedding day. It's as if we can smell the beautiful mountain air, feel the coldness in the air and love all around us.

We were truly inspired by your love of photography, life and Kevin. We feel blessed that we were surrounded by such a beautiful soul on our wedding day. We will forever cherish our photos and you and Kevin will always have a place in our hearts.

Lots of love,

Norma & Scott”

“Kirstie is THE best photographer EVER! Kirstie takes beautiful photographs, but more than that she manages to capture the emotion, energy and spirit of all her subjects. Not only does Kirstie take spectacular photos, but she and Kevin are two of the warmest most thoughtful people you will ever meet. They make sure you are comfortable and well looked after and they really take the time to get to know you. We were so happy to have them as part of our day. Kirstie works so hard at her job and she really goes above and beyond what you would expect in order to capture those perfect shots whether they are the energy of the room, the majesty of your venue or the intimate moments between family and friends. I cannot say enough good things about Kirstie and Kevin they work beautifully as a team and they are simply amazing”

Emma & Richard

“Kirstie is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We were floored by her kind, giving nature that gives professionalism a beautiful twist. Her photographs capture moments with such authenticity that looking at each one is like being taken directly back into the most joyous moments of your life. We are immensely grateful for her outstanding talent and intuitive abilities as a photographer. It is truly beautiful to see someone so passionate about their work....We have received countless compliments, some from people we don't even know, saying that our wedding photos are the most stunning they have ever seen. Thanks Kirstie for the immense love that you so openly share in your work. Love, Trish & Mike”

Trish & Mike

“We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Kirstie! From our first meeting we were impressed with her professionalism and warm personality. She and her husband, Kevin, worked tirelessly on our wedding day to capture so many precious and beautiful moments and they both blended into our intimate wedding as if we'd known them for years. The photographs of our wedding were nothing short of stunning! Kirstie truly went far above and beyond what we hoped for in every way. She is an extremely talented photographer with a fabulous spirit who is constantly striving for new, creative and beautiful photos. Her eye for composition and lighting is extraordinary. We truly feel that Kirstie was one of the highlights of our wedding experience! Kirstie - thank you again, for your amazing talents and your touching kindness.”

Chezlene & Trevor

We first met Kirstie and Kevin in the summer for our engagement photo session, and they immediately made us feel comfortable, happy and like we could just be ourselves with them, something that really came through in our photos. During our wedding they went out of their way to create unique shots that not only reflected the cozy style of wedding we had worked for, but also managed to truly capture the love that was in the air! Kirstie is truly dedicated to her craft, loves what she does and is lucky to have a wonderful partner who supports that. It was great to meet them and work with them, we only wish we could do it again! :)”

Heather & Graham

“Kirstie was absolutely a joy to work with! She really took the time to get to know us which really showed in the photos later! Her attention to detail and kind heart made her more than just our photographer: it made her our friend and an integral part of our wedding day. I couldn't have imagined our wedding without her. The memories that she made for us are eternal and I will be forever grateful ”

Lynn & Troy


There are no words that will do to thank you enough for capturing these moments. I have finally taken the time to acknowledge every single photo and memory and I cannot even express my gratitude. And then, another beautiful package lands at my doorstep. Not only are you a true professional and incredibly talented but you are one of the most thoughtful people I've had the pleasure to come across. My heart is so full from these photos and the beauty that is in each one - seriously, speechless. It is still taking me time to put it all into words.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you - for your time, efforts, talent, kindness, open mind and open heart, magnificent eye, attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and so much more.

I love that we can share that weekend because it meant so much to me.

Lots of love,

Ashley & Chris”